LEVEL X Computer Repair
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Disclosure - This business is no longer in public operation and no longer represents a conflict of interest. This site now serves as a reference point only.

Laptop Repair
LEVEL X Computer Repair
We offer full service laptop repair on all brands of Microsoft Windows computers.  Our policy is to provide free diagnostics, free estimates, no hidden charges, and if you don't repair with us you don't pay.  We are PC too!

Laptop Repair - About Us

We work with computer repair shops and individuals all over North America and even Canada!  We're all about the USA and guarantee when you call us, you'll get someone that you can understand.  When you're calling an American business, you want to reach someone in the USA.  Your wish is finally granted!
Laptop Repair - Continued

Here's a true story I'd like to share with you.  At the time of writing this, a lady stopped by a local computer repair shop in her town because her laptop kept turning off.  They diagnosed her laptop as needing a "motherboard replacement".  They told her it would cost $400 to replace the motherboard.  She decided to send it to LEVEL X Computer Repair!  We had her laptop for about 30 minutes when we noticed that if you disconnect the power adapter while the is battery plugged in, the laptop would shut off.  The only thing wrong with her laptop was a bad battery!  She just saved $400!  Can you believe that?  That is a true story.  Has this happened to you?  Give us a call today!
Laptop Repair
Problems We Fix
Format and Fresh Install removing store bought junk add-ons
Viruses and Spyware Removal
Memory Testing and Memory Upgrades
Hard Drive Replacement and Loading of Windows
Cracked LCD Screen Replacement
LCD Backlight Repair
Power Jack Repair
No Power to Laptop
Random Shutdowns
Blank LCD Screen
Forgot BIOS Password
Broken USB/Audio/PS2/Video port
Laptop Repair
Notebook Repair
LCD Screen Replacement